Zedur AB,  Regementsgatan 24, 645 33 STRÄNGNÄS,  Tel 070-55 44 300 Zedur AB - Legal, compliance and strategic support to the LifeScience Industry Zedur is specialised in providing legal support to the LifeScience Industry. The Company is placed in Strängnäs, close to Stockholm - Uppsala Zedur is managed by Jan Zetterberg. He has more than 30 years of experience as in-house legal counsel for the pharmaceutical multinational AstraZeneca. He has held positions as Legal Counsel, Senior Legal Counsel, Vice President, Strategy, Intellectual Property and Assistant General Counsel. He has also been resposible for the AstraZeneca Trade Marks organisation. Jan Zetterberg retired from AstraZeneca end 2011.  Our vision is to provide straight forward and solution focused strategic, legal  and compliance support and thereby materially support the client in its strive for success. Zedur provide legal support in the entire range of LifeScience activities from discovery and development, to manufacturing and commercialisation. It also cover exit strategies such as company transactions and technology transfers and licenses. Zedur AB Jan Zetterberg, CEO Phone: + 46 152 100 74 Mobile: + 46 70 55 44 300 e-mail:  jan.zetterberg@zedur.se .